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A great way to set yourself up for success each day is with a morning routine that focuses on your emotional and mental well-being.

Your day and how you respond to the events in it are determined by how you feel when you start it off. A morning routine will put you in a positive place that will set you up to have a better day and when challenges do arise they aren’t going to impact you as much and you will be able to handle them better. You are more focused and productive when in good headspace.

I know how busy you are and how hard it is to give up extra sleep and make extra time in the morning so this routine does not have to take up more time. You can do it while you’re doing your usual morning rituals. This morning routine consists of doing three new things: gratitude, visualization and affirmations.

Pick three activities that you do each day

This could be routines such as brushing your teeth, showering, and getting dressed. During these activities, practice these three techniques and make them a part of your morning routine:


Imagine you have everything you have ever wanted but you aren’t grateful for it. It means nothing will ever be good enough and you might never be satisfied. But when you are grateful you appreciate where you are right now. The benefits are numerous: increased happiness, well-being, self-esteem, and improved sleep health, and relationships to name a few. Each and every morning, while brushing your teeth, think of everything and every person you are grateful for. Go into detail. Think of the qualities that you love about each person and thing. Read my gratitude post to learn more about the importance of practicing gratitude on a daily basis.


While showering, visualize everything you want to happen in your life. What goals do you have? What do you want more of? Less of? Imagine you have it right now. How does it feel? How has it changed your life? Studies show that visualization helps athletes perform better. When we visualize, our neurons are primed to act in the way we envisioned. Our neurons group in a way that turn our visualizations into learned memories making it easier for us to act and behave in the ways that we have learned to act and behave in our visualizations. How incredible is that?


Now that your finished showering, and feeling pretty good about yourself, it’s time to affirm the things you want to happen in your life. These are things you might still be struggling with a bit. For example, if you have a big presentation at work but are experiencing some anxiety about it, your affirmation might be: “I am a confident presenter”, “I present confidently”, or “people are blown away by my presentations”. These affirmations might not feel true, but trust me, if you keep working hard at it these types of affirmations can certainly help you to shift negative thinking and limiting beliefs that get in your way.
Make gratitude, visualization and affirmations part of your morning routine and you will set yourself up for not just a successful day but a successful life!

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