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Negative Emotions are Normal!

My clients often confuse being positive with the idea that we should never have any negative emotions, such as anger or sadness. There is a huge difference between these two ideas. Negative emotions are normal and healthy. We have a full range of emotions from happiness on one end to hurt and anger on the other. It is okay to let yourself feel these emotions.

When we let ourselves feel these negative emotions, instead of denying or repressing them, which is the cause of many mental health issues, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn from them.  They are signs and they can be used to guide ourselves to a more fulfilled and satisfied life. This is how I help my clients to use these so called “negative” emotions in a positive way.

Being Mindful of Your Emotions

Your emotions are your best guides in life to help you set essential boundaries. Be mindful of all of your emotions, especially the negative emotions.  They help you to set boundaries with people and with yourself that will keep you at your optimal state so that you have the energy to reach your goals. An example is if a family member, co-worker, friend is always making you angry by being late than it is important to listen to these feelings and set boundaries with the person so that they can no longer make you angry all the time (read our tips on “productively communicating what you are feeling”).

Anger can take up a lot of energy that could be used more productively towards your goals.  Imagine how much more energy you will have if you set boundaries with all of the toxic people in your life. Life becomes easier when you use your emotions to set boundaries. Anger management is one way that people learn to better handle their angry emotions.

The therapists at Psych Company are experts in emotions and healthy communication.  Contact us if you would like to work with us to work on improving your skills in these areas.

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