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Starting out 2019, many of us would like this year to be different.

We make new year’s resolutions to eat better, exercise more, spend more time with our families, have better relationships, or whatever else might be important. In the beginning, our new year’s resolutions are strong and might bring about short-lived successes but the problem is that these successes often do not last long. Many individuals find it easier to slip back into old routines because that is what we are used to and it alleviates the stress of trying a new behaviour.

In the next few months, I would like to provide you with 3 tips to aid in making your goal setting and new year’s resolutions more successful for 2019.

Remember this year is your year and I’d like to help you make it successful.

New Year’s Resolution Tip #1: Be Aware that Change will Cause Stress and Tension.

Humans tend to resist change because of the subsequent feelings that arise. Changing can be stressful because it means facing the unknown and getting out of our usual comfort zone. Instead of fighting and resisting change what would it be like to embrace, nurture and accept these feelings?  I imagine it would be a huge weight off your shoulders.

When behaviours have occurred for many years it can be a challenge to change them but remember it is not impossible and the rewards far outweigh these initial feelings.  Being aware of these feelings can help individuals to recognize, label and normalize human reactions to change.

When these feelings begin to arise I suggest writing them down. For example: “I feel worried because I don’t know if I can get through the day without smoking”.

Now, I suggest allowing yourself to be okay with these feelings instead of fighting and struggling against them. It is a losing battle to fight against our fear of change and it takes up a lot of energy. Once we stop fighting or burying these feelings it becomes a lot easier to take action toward reaching our goals. Another bonus is that when we begin to accept and understand our inner processes that is when we can really begin to enjoy the journey.

Remember: what we resist persists.

Ready for the next step in making your new year’s resolution a success? Read Tip #2: Reflection

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