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Are you considering therapy but unsure if it can help you?

The world of psychotherapy can be confusing to navigate. Oftentimes, when clients first come in to see me they say they don’t think they have very serious problems or reasons for coming in and they aren’t sure if therapy is for them. They wonder if therapy is just for individuals with really severe issues (check out some specific areas we can help with) It’s important not to compare your problems with the problems that others are facing.

If something bothers you, doesn’t feel right or if you are feeling dissatisfied with anything at all in any area of your life…

…those and any other feelings are all valid feelings or reasons to come in to get some help. All of your feelings and thoughts are important and matter and so is your life deserving of attention, improvement and growth regardless of what brings you in.

Check out these 8 additional signs to see if therapy might be right for you:

  1. Overwhelmed by problems and unable to cope
  2. The same problems keep repeating
  3. Unable to function at work, home, and in relationships
  4. No longer find joy in things that you used to make you happy
  5. You know your past has impacted you negatively
  6. As hard as you try your problems are not improving
  7. Experienced a major life change or trauma: children, marriage, divorce, empty nest, death, eldercare, parenting
  8. Harming yourself or others through anger, addictions, depression, anxiety

This is a very simplified list of reasons to see a therapist. Therapy, as well as people, are very complex therefore it is completely understandable if you are still feeling unsure. If you are still feeling confused or have any questions please reach out to us and we are always here to help answer any questions you might have. Investing time into taking care of yourself is the wisest and most important investment you can make, and in fact you cannot be the best you for others, without first taking care of yourself!

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