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Research shows that most people quit their New Year’s Resolutions by February. If you have a hard time keeping your resolutions this quick guide created by the Toronto therapists and life coaches at Psych Company might help you shift that pattern.

1)Expect the unexpected

Expect all long-term goals to take longer and be harder than you think because unexpected obstacles always come up 

2)Hit the easy button

Ask yourself, What is the smallest easiest step that I can take to make this goal happen? Take this step. Rinse and repeat.

3)Don’t overthink – just start doing

A lot of people waste so much time and energy overthinking every little detail as opposed to getting started and doing the actual goal. Come up with a general plan but do not wait to have it all figured out to get started on it. Sometimes the plan materializes after you get started.

4)Break it down into small and manageable chunks and hyper focus on only one chunk 

If it still feels overwhelming break it down even further. When you set a big goal it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it but if you can only focus on the baby step it is always doable and your brain isn’t caught up in how impossible or hard the goal seems. Example: Your goal is to run a marathon. Don’t start with that maybe start by walking home from the subway each day.

5)Normalize your inner critic but don’t let it impact your goals

When you go for something you are really passionate about it is normal for your inner critic voice to come out to try to protect you from getting hurt. Just because you think and feel lots of negative and stressful things about your goals and your ability to reach them it doesn’t mean that any of them are actually true!

Write down all the things your inner critic voice says to stress you out such as …

What if I fail? What will people think if I’m not a success? What if I make a mistake?

Usually we go to worst case what ifs and feel as if they are happening. Think of the best case what ifs and you will usually feel substantially better. A quote I keep thinking about is: doubt kills more dreams that failure. 

6) Channel a voice of encouragement

Your inner allie is the voice that believes in you and knows you can do it. It encourages you and tells you to keep going. Don’t give up. One more step.  It’s your greatest cheerleader.

You have an inner allie voice that gets quiet when you are going for something you really want. We all need this positive voice to help us to stay the course and make our goals a reality. You can channel this motivating voice by thinking about what the people who truly believe in you would say to you when you feel stressed, discouraged or overwhelmed about your goals.

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