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Years ago, I promised myself that if ever I got the chance to catch up on my personal life I would gladly give it a go. Maybe I would start by calling back friends and family who I’d lost touch with. Then I could give reading my favorite genre of books another run. I feel like I would need to start straightening up my finances too… Too often life just gets too crazy and it seems impossible to reach goals. Putting food on the table always comes first, I’m sure many would agree. So, for years on end I’ve felt I could always justify putting things off, with barely a twinge of guilt.


Fast forward to COVID-19 2020

COVID-19 headlines have taken over social media and news outlets. This current health crisis has resulted in the worst stock market performance since the depression (surpassing the market crash of 2008). Much like a tidal wave crashing down on a village made of popsicle sticks, it feels like there is nothing we can do. At least this is how I have come to feel day after day. Corona virus 2020has been on a war path.  

Everything is Closed -temporarily- for business

All I see leaving my house now are empty streets and mob rule over toilet paper and wipes (jacked up in price due to demand). I hear on the news that car companies have their hand in the manufacture of respirators (??!!) and breweries are now mass producing hand sanitizers! Seriously unreal. No amount of expert analysis could have prepared us for this.


Now is an Opportunity to do Everything you Never Have Time for

Now despite what I have just said, I do think there is a silver-lining. We have an opportunity to take a beat, re-charge and start looking at stuff outside of our day to day grind. Basically, we can start doing everything we never have time for. At this time, why not take a deep breath and go out for a bike ride or walk – get fresh air and sun? Read. Now is the time to call that friend you miss but don’t often have time to reach out to (if he or she is still speaking to you : – ) or go on a mini road trip with your family (never setting foot outside of your car though of course!). Mother Nature appears to be giving us a chance to re evaluate things, reflect a bit. We are being shown that it is okay to slow down with work and maybe start having a little fun, enjoy life a little more.

I read an article the other day that said that small business owners will lead us through this mess since they(we) are self-sufficient and don’t care about the glamour of larger corporations. It’s true. That is not our focus. We are self-motivated and it is the needs of our clients that we care most about!


Make it your Job to Keep your Mind and Heart Engaged

Keeping it simple but staying committed, like the small business owner, can see us through this weird world especially now. We need to keep our bodies fueled on life affirming activities outside of work, such as exercise, reading, listening to music and reaching out to friends and family by phone, email or instant messaging—simply soaking in the world around us. Sadly, there will always be those who instead prefer the feeling of being crushed under the overwhelming pile of catch up and backlogged tasks. I suppose, there’s nothing wrong with opting for the ‘devil that you know’ by default. It is human after all but why not try to rise abov



Rest up Now and be Ready When Life gets Extremely Busy Again 

Pent up consumer demand will cause the market to mimic a sling shot effect – we will be unduly busy, no doubt, in the coming months. So, no personal catch up can be done at that point. Like Sir Winston Churchill’s saying “never waste a good crisis”, let’s see what we can do to enhance our own lives in a positive and rote routine- breaking way. Look at it as a challenge that could help set the stage for your next chapter – what will you do?

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