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Years ago I promised myself that if ever I got the chance to catch up on my personal life that I would gladly try –  from calling back friends and family who I’d lost touch with to reading books or simply just straightening up my finances… you can’t be blamed for not completing or living up to pipe dreams like these since we are all so focused on making a living and putting food on the table on a daily basis.  So, for years on end I’ve felt I could always justify putting things off, with barely a twinge of guilt.

Fast forward to 2020

COVID-19 headlines worsen by the hour. The international health crisis causing the worst stock market performance since the depression (yes surpassing the market crash of 2008), like a tidal wave crashing down on a village made of popsicle sticks, with promises of only getting much worse before things get even marginally better. This all means of course that the world is officially now on hold.

Closed -temporarily- for business

At least for a few weeks (the amount of time that it take the virus to die off). Nothing is open, streets are empty and toilet paper and hand sanitizers are the new gold. Car companies are manufacturing respirators and breweries are mass producing hand sanitizers! Pivoting at its finest. No analysis of the snow balling situation or crystal ball could have warned us or been compelling enough to prepare us for this quick enough.
What a great time to take a deep breath and go out for a bike ride or walk – get fresh air and sun. Read. Call a friend or go on a mini road trip with your family (never setting foot outside of your car though of course!). It’s like when our bodies tell us to slow down… the same principle applies here – Mother Nature is giving us a chance to re evaluate things, reflect a bit. And to not feel like a lazy bump on a log for not working around the clock…
I read an article the other day that said that small business owners will lead us through this mess since they(we) are accustomed to being alone, cut off and isolated, while having to inspire and motivate ourselves to get up every morning to solve problems with direct consequences to our clients, and to provide the best services we know how to for our clients.
Maybe we should all pretend we are small business owners running the business of keeping our own minds and hearts engaged so that when things do get back to normal that we are ready and primed to dig deep and haul butt. To make an actual difference, or make what may be a long time coming change to the trajectory of our own lives. But I’m sure there are those who would instead prefer feeling crushed under the overwhelming pile of catch up and backlog tasks to complete; there’s nothing wrong with opting for the ‘devil that you know’. By default.

…Open Once More

Pent up consumer demand will cause the market to mimic a sling shot effect – we will be unduly busy no doubt in the coming months. So, no personal catch up can be done at that point. Like Sir Winston Churchill’s saying “never waste a good crisis”, let’s see what we can do to effect our own lives in a positive and rote routine- breaking way. Look at it as a challenge that could help set the stage for your next chapter – what will you do?

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