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How can you advance and enhance your career in these changing times?

Over the last year, we have collectively spent time pondering what the world will look like when the pandemic is over. What will the even newer normal look like? Many of us have had to put our careers on hold due to unexpected child care needs and general slowdowns in most industries.

For some, the thought of picking up the pieces and setting back down a new career path is daunting. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel when considering the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Future Looks Promising

This Fall is looking promising with vaccination rates increasing and many industries moving towards opening up again. Although we know that the pandemic is not over, it is a critical time to start asking yourself, how can I begin to reclaim control of my career?

There is undoubtedly a range of feelings for us when we consider the past 18 months. But as we move into this hybrid world of work, we are also entering a transitional moment where we sit ill at ease with what work used to be and what work has become.

Improvement Opportunities Abound

The transition creates uncertainty for us, but it also offers opportunity if we look a little closer.

Take a look at the three areas wherein we have seen the pandemic impact our professional world and disrupt the conventional idea of office space. When approached with a little bit of care and strategy, these areas can help you reshape your career for a successful future outcome.

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How We Worked Throughout the Pandemic

The past year and a half has taught us an important thing about how we work best.

What do we need to be successful in our roles? Many professionals have been thrown into a social experiment that has caused much self-reflection. Most of us understand what mode of work best suits us now.

The debate over remote work continues. Some of us have grown to appreciate working from home which has enabled us to manage our time better to include family. While others have had to endure the loneliness that has come with being away from colleagues and that sense of belonging that can be found within the office culture.

Work From Home is Here to Stay

We know that some aspects of work from home are here to stay. Perhaps this means hybrid workspaces or teams working completely remotely.

Technology has finally caught up with the needs of industry and the many social benefits of remote work have by now been identified. Virtual meetings provide low cost solutions for remote workers to collaborate.

Some have used this extra freedom to increase productivity, others have found it alienating.

Nevertheless, having identified this freedom will help you to shape your career. Developing more independence in the job market will conduce to seizing new opportunities that may have taken a lot longer to attain prior to COVID.

Utilize Extra Free Time for Professional Development

Is there a job opportunity you could work towards during your off-hours, without the commute you were used to? Can you evolve your title into a consultant and branch off to working with companies you aspire to work with? Are you able to consider other ways to find your dream job or meet your career goals? Perhaps there is more opportunity for some or even all of these aims now.

Several of our clients have even grasped the opportunity to join boards and community related social causes. These are opportunities they can now entertain with the extra time they’ve found having been freed from a long commute. Others have reconsidered their work-life balance and how they can make positive changes in that area.

a woman gets a better sense of success within her professional development

Consider Executive Decision Making

Our industries, mentors, and bosses have changed too.

Through the crises of the pandemic, a great deal has been exposed in our leaders and industries. We have all had to work through the pressures of the pandemic and our bosses have been no exception, some showing better leadership skills than others.

During these times of pressure, we have been able to see how these organizations and individuals have performed. Did they treat their employees and peers with respect? How did they navigate uncertainty? Did they prioritize the short term or the long term?

Employers Have Shown Their True Colours

Having gone through this experience and now that the most dire days of the pandemic are hopefully a thing of the past, many employees will be anxious to seize opportunities for career adjustments. Burnt out employees will switch jobs or industries and with remote work available, there will be more prospects on the work horizon.

Conversely, the pandemic has forced some to step into senior leadership roles due to the immediate need of their companies and industries.  These circumstances will also continue to offer many professionals more opportunities for career growth within their industries – good leaders are always in high demand.

a man pondering the changes that have affected the workforce and his colleagues

Re-evaluate Your Professional Network

Our professional network has evolved over the past year.

The other thing that we have learned is who we can rely on. Who was available to help us when we were faced with personal and professional challenges? Who made an effort to stay connected to us? And who only came around when they needed something?

You can learn a lot about a person during a crisis. Our relationships evolved, and after a year and a half, our network looks different. We chose to prioritize some relationships while letting go of other relationships that we learned were less authentic.

A Perfect Time for Professional Networking

After a long period of isolation and particularly with the challenges this presented to meet people, many feel motivated to reach out and make new connections. It is a perfect time to create networking opportunities.

In the past, some professionals found networking events critical in their career paths. With many companies adopting remote working and virtual meetings, this new era has also brought with it the acceptance of networking via unconventional means.

Physical Proximity, No Longer a Requirement for Networking

It is a great time to bring people together with a view to broadening your personal network in a manner that just a year ago was not possible. All relationships are going through a transition and many leaders are looking for talent which means you have their attention.

We know that it will take some time for us to recreate and redefine our lives again post pandemic, but we can know for sure that our work life will not be the same.

Working with a highly trained life coach with strong therapy expertise can be an invaluable tool to gaining insight on how to go about effecting this change.

An Executive Career Coach, Your Career Path Navigator

A wide range of developments have transpired in the world affecting industries on multiple levels. It can be overwhelming for some to navigate these new trends and recognize opportunities that have presented themselves.

Working with an executive career coach is a great way to make the most of shifts that have arisen in your professional sphere. Our team is here to help uncover and advise of ways to capitalize on these changes in order to assist you in adapting and growing within your current or newly acquired industry.

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