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It’s a common feeling to want to change your life. Maybe you feel stuck in the same patterns or have recently gained some self-awareness that showed you a change must be made. You may be wondering how to change your life.

Most people want to live their best life, but it’s important to remember that significant changes take time. Don’t expect to completely change your life overnight.

It is a powerful tool to decide that you’re ready for a fresh start, and are ready to replace your old self with the future self you want to become.

Keep reading for some powerful tips about how to change your life for the better!

How do I actually change my life forever?

So you’ve decided it’s time to change your life today and you’re ready to put steps in motion and face reality. What now?

Getting started can be the hardest part. To start making changes that will last and have a very positive effect on your well-being and self-development, research and planning are key.

writing down reasons to change life

Ask yourself why you want to change your life

When you think about your life at this present moment, how does it make you feel? Since you’re looking for a change we can assume that something isn’t sitting right with you and your life. Do you have negative thoughts such as feeling stuck in the same world that never seems to change and are desperate to take a different path in life?

You might have some tough decisions to make, but don’t be afraid. Once you figure out what your dreams are, you can decide to start following them, one dream at a time. The hardest part for most people is just getting started and figuring out what needs to change.

Start with one thing. Look at a single day of your life. Yesterday for example. What is something from yesterday that you’d like to change and put in the past?

Find Meaning

It’s understandable that your life may feel dull at the moment if you don’t have anything that gives you a lost-lasting drive. I’ve noticed that people tend to find meaning in many various ways. For some people it could be religion, family, chasing a dream, or becoming one of the most successful people in their field.

Even smaller things are enough to give people meaning. I know somebody whose meaning in life is to play their favorite sport a couple of times a week. Think of a couple of things that excite you, don’t worry about it being too big or small, anything that makes you excited is worth noting down.

You may not enjoy things you used to enjoy spending time on in the past. Spend a bit of time noting down things you used to enjoy, and think about whether you’d still enjoy them today. Forget about being too old, young, small, or big for anything. With confidence, you can lead the way to make progress that lasts well into the future.

Set Goals

Having a goal is a very powerful tool. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, and stop worrying about whether the goal is achievable. Life starts when you start making progress of any form.

Maybe you had a childhood dream of being the best basketball player in the world, and basketball still excites you. Just signing up for a class or team might be enough to help you feel fulfilled.

Your goals could be anything from removing all negative people from your life, having a positive attitude regularly, getting enough sleep, having strong self-confidence, growing closer with a family member, getting rid of negative though, starting a new job, earning more money, or starting a new hobby.

Make a vision board

A vision board is a good reminder of the things that motivate you to achieve your goals. For example, if your goal is to earn more money, putting things on your board that you want to do with that money could help motivate you in the long run, especially when things get difficult or if you start to forget what you want to change in your life.

Don’t be afraid to put some of the craziest things on there, you never know what you can achieve!

man managing his finances

Manage your finances

Not feeling in control of your finances can make you feel bad in life. When you focus on getting your finances in order, you’ll tackle one thing on the list, which will have a positive impact on everything else in your life, helping you achieve your dreams one day.

On top of that, some habits or hobbies can cost money, such as the gym or classes.

Make new friends

Having some good friends can help in so many aspects of our lives. Not only do we need social fulfillment, but friends can also help provide us with insights, and motivation and help us get our lives together.

For example, one of my goals was to visit a coffee shop to get some work done more often. My friend helped me by suggesting the perfect spot – not too loud or too quiet, just right! Another one of my goals was to put exercise into my daily routine.

I found that going to the gym with a friend, in the beginning, made the transition much smoother and more enjoyable.

Step out of your comfort zone and start doing these things that will change your life. It can be scary for some people to meet a new person, but it’s a great idea to take your own life into your hands and change your life for the better!

woman working out to improve her fitness

Develop more confidence

Some say being confident is the key to success in any area, or for any goal. If you genuinely believe you can do anything, the sky is the limit.

Getting exercise is a great way to feel more confident in life. Knowing you’re taking care of yourself and your fitness will naturally help your self-esteem and give you more energy.

In reality, gaining confidence is easier said than done. Some people with anxiety may struggle with this more than others. Anxiety tends to target one’s self-esteem and tends to give people false negative thoughts.

Speaking to a professional about your anxiety is a great way to improve those negative thoughts and start to develop some confidence.

Develop healthy habits

Many successful people spend a good amount of time learning to break bad habits and build good habits.

Things like smoking and excessive drinking will only harm your life. These additions tend to be consuming and make a normal person lazy. It’s best to quit any bad habits as soon as possible.

Other bad habits include not sticking to a sleep schedule. If you’re staying up too late at night, you’re only going to set yourself back.

If you don’t wake up at the same time regularly, you’ll always wake up tired and waste half of your day trying to wake up.

Fixing your diet is quite essential to a balanced life as well. If you’re not getting enough of the right nutrients you might feel sluggish and tired constantly. Dehydration is another big problem, so make sure you’re getting enough water daily!

Another good habit to develop is to create your routine and stick to it. Schedule time for your hobbies, your work, or any learning you wish to do.

Make your routine very reasonable. For example, don’t schedule hours of studying after work because this isn’t realistic. Start with just 20 minutes a day and take it from there.

Get out of your comfort zone / Try new things

Chances are you’re missing out on some amazing things that you’d love, simply out of fear or discomfort.

I can’t tell you how many people I meet that are terrified about something new they have to do at work, and once they start doing it they found out they loved it.

Someone once told me that they had to start giving presentations at work and it was their biggest fear. Of course, the first few presentations weren’t perfect as she adjusted to this new skill of public speaking. However, after a bit of time, it became the best part of her job.

In fact, the next job she got was a public speaking job.

You never know what you could be missing out on!

Remove negativity from your life

Negativity spreads like wildfire. You won’t even know that someone’s negativity has rubbed off on you until it’s too late. This could be someone who just seems to hate everything.

Sure it might be funny at the time to rave about how much you hate the world and everybody in it, but that kind of conversation will stay in your mind without you knowing, and have an effect on you and the way you think.

You may be really excited to go to a baseball game, and you tell a friend who then goes on to tell you how boring sports are and how they think it’s a major waste of time. That may unintentionally dim your excitement about that game, and put a general dim on your happiness.

These examples can spread into other things, such as promotions at work, the ability to meet goals and follow dreams. So keep an eye on who is in your life and the vibe they may be putting into your head unintentionally.

group of people learning to paint

Learn new skills

Humans thrive when they’re expanding their minds in some way. Here is a list of 10 skills you could consider learning to help you change your life and expand your mind.

  1. Learn a new language
  2. Learn a new sport
  3. Learn more about computers
  4. Learn more about investing and finance
  5. Learn a new instrument
  6. Learn to garden
  7. Learn how to sew
  8. Learn how to improve your cooking
  9. Learn how to improve your writing skills
  10. Learn about public speaking

Learn how to do things that you don’t want to do

Relying on motivation is one of the least helpful things you can do. At night time before bed, I feel so excited to get myself to the gym tomorrow. Does this motivation last until the next day? Absolutely not.

If you’re ever going to change your life, you need to learn how to stick to your plans, even if you don’t feel like doing it at the moment.

When I go to the gym, getting there is the hardest part. Once I’m there and In the middle of my workout, I feel fantastic.

I feel so happy that I accomplished that and my body feels amazing for it. Had we all relied on our motivation to help us get things done, nothing will ever get done.

Change your career path

If you feel like you’re stuck in a boring, dead-end job, you’re not alone. You may be surprised to learn how many people change careers drastically. There’s even a good chunk of people out there that don’t even work in the field of their degree.

There is nothing wrong with switching jobs. Especially when you spend a lot of time thinking about how you made the wrong career choice and wish you could go back in time. In reality, it’s never too late!

The biggest thing that stops people from changing careers is a possible pay cut, but isn’t that worth your sanity and happiness in life?

It’s understandable that the change might be unrealistic if you have a family you provide for, but anything can be planned.

You may not be able to switch careers tomorrow, but you could always start learning and saving your money to be able to afford the switch. Don’t let anything get in the way of your happiness!

woman and daughter having fun together in the living room

Eliminate Distractions

Stop getting distracted by your phone and the TV. Especially if you really want to change your life.

Carve out specific time for relaxing and watching TV, so that you feel happy about getting that relaxation in, but you also don’t waste all your time binge-watching a TV show.

Your life will never change if you’re not willing to make some sacrifices to achieve something much bigger.

Rearrange your home

Have you ever decided to rearrange a room in your home, and it made you feel like a brand new person, ready to conquer the world? Switching up your surroundings is a great way to motivate yourself to make some changes in other areas of your life.

I don’t just deep clean my house once a month, I usually rearrange things too. It really helps my safe space not feel so boring. Try it out!


There is nothing better than taking a break from reality, to explore a part of the world. Even just driving for a long weekend away will really help to reset your mind and any stress you may have.

If you can, seeing a new culture may expand your way of thinking and increase your motivation to change your life.

Seeing how hard others work may help focus your mind and help you become one of those people who get things done.


Volunteering is another way to help put your mind in focus. It’s easy to forget about all the greatness we have and only focus on negative thoughts.

Giving back to your community will not only help those in need but also remind you of all the amazing things you have to be grateful for in your life. Without gratitude, we have nothing.

Keep a gratitude journal

Like I said above, we have nothing if we don’t have gratitude. You will never feel accomplished or happy and constantly look for more if you don’t learn how to be grateful for the things you have.

There are people in the world that wish they could be in your shoes, and I’m sure you feel the same way about the people you look up to.

Set a time daily or weekly, to write down all of the things you have to be grateful for. You don’t have to be in a good and grateful mood to do this. Even if you don’t feel grateful while writing those things down, they will still be in your head and can come up to inspire you at another time.

Accept yourself

Learning to accept yourself for who you are is the best thing you’ll ever do. Learning to accept what you call flaws, such as character traits or physical traits, will change your life.

For example, I have buck teeth and I absolutely hate them, everyone called me a bunny growing up. Now I’ve learned to love and accept them and I think they define my unique face.

Another example is if you have anxiety. While treating your anxiety is so important in order to improve your quality of life, you could also look at your anxiety as you caring too much. You care about other people and how they think, which makes you an awesome person.

There’s always a way to have a positive outlook on things about yourself that can’t be changed, and the things you can change, such as your lifestyle or bad habits, get started improving them today!


Changing your life is not a simple task, but there are things you can start to implement right now that will only benefit you and your happiness.

The first thing we recommend doing is changing your sleep schedule and routine, but nothing intense! Get on a good pattern and start breaking those bad habits and things will start to fall into place.

For more tips on how to change your life, book with a qualified therapist who can help you navigate through life and any obstacles in your way of achieving whatever you want.

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