Career Counselling and Coaching

Do you begin to dread going back to work on Sunday evenings?

Do you fantasize about quitting your current job? Or are you just having trouble finding what career might be the right fit for you? We want to help you look forward to and be excited about Monday mornings.  Our career counsellors believe that you can and should love your job!

Are you in a toxic work environment where you find yourself having a very difficult and stressful time navigating your way through meetings, schemes and the social politics that can creep into your work day?

We have a special and diverse team who together can help by providing career and work issues coaching and counselling to meet the challenges that you face.

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We’ll help you live your life free from barriers

Finding the Right Job

The uncertainty of not knowing what job is right for you can be agonizing.  Or you might know what you want but you are afraid you could never get it or make it work. Or, perhaps you might just have no idea what you like or what job you might enjoy. This is all very anxiety-provoking as well as overwhelming. Through career counselling, we will teach you strategies to deal with the fears and anxieties and to sit with and tolerate them so that you give yourself a chance to find and go for a meaningful career that you truly enjoy. Life is short and you deserve to be happy.

Ever heard people say that it’s not possible to have a career you like and get paid well for it. Our career counsellors would disagree with this prerogative and can actually help shift perspectives to make this a reality!

We will use our career counselling and coaching skills along with career testing to help you discover what you like and who you are.  We use explorative career counselling and coaching sessions, experiential homework exercises, and other in-session exercises to explore and understand who you are and what your unique values are. This may include:

Career testing:

We have coaches and therapists on staff with Meyers Briggs Type Indicator teacher training.  These are personality and career suitability assessments that can help you find a career that suits your unique personality.

Interview skills counselling and coaching:

Help managing anxiety and coming across as someone who has confidence when interviewing and networking. Role-playing interview questions and answers.

Resume and cover letter help:

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