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  • Gain a better understanding of your thought patterns, self belief and what might be getting in the way of being self assured and confident in your daily life
  • Learn new strategies to manage low self esteem and to improve confidence
  • Understand some of the root causes and impacts of acute and persistent confidence issues 

Assurance, Poise, Certainty. All words that bring to mind having self-confidence. Whether we realize it or not, and whether at home, out with friends, or at work, confidence is front and center in our daily lives. Some of us can be very self-assured in some areas of our lives while lacking confidence in other areas. Some can lack confidence in general. Some individuals even resort to or become arrogant or aggressive as ways to compensate for not actually being confident or self-assured people. We all see this happening around us at work, out in public, or even among friends and family.

At Psych Company, a large portion of the clients who reach out to us want help with their confidence issues and the impacts that this has on their personal and professional lives. At times, they outrightly request confidence coaching because they strongly feel that’s what they are in need of (and they would not be alone!). Frequently, people will contact us with other issues which, when unpacked further, reveal that the underlying root cause is actually linked to having low confidence and self-esteem.

We tend to listen and look out for certain trigger or key words such as when someone feels overly self-conscious, insecure, and troubled by self-doubt and negative self-talk as these, in turn, trigger stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other serious issues and debilitating disorders. In the proverbial chicken or egg comparison of what came first, confidence in many cases has shown itself to be a key factor or cause giving birth to many other issues and lost opportunities in people’s lives. Confidence can be rooted in trauma whether from childhood, teenage years, or adulthood. Perhaps a parent, sibling, friend, teacher, school or work peer, or sport coach made you feel insecure and self-conscious about yourself intentionally or unintentionally. Lacking confidence can stem from a deep-seated fear of rejection, failure, or ridicule – so much so that it was or is still traumatic, causing a temporary loss or sustained loss of self-belief. This leads to doubting oneself from taking informed risks and making even mundane decisions that would otherwise help one move forward or get ahead.

Self-doubt, in contrast with confidence, is important to note as the word confidence comes from the Latin con (‘with’)-fidere (‘trust’) or trust in ourselves. That is, if you want others to have trust in you, you must first have trust and confidence in yourself – your own abilities, your preparation, potential, and fortitude to accomplish a task or goal. Trust is the basis of so many things in life such as friendships/relationships, life at work, and more. Self-belief is what confidence and wider self-esteem rely on. So, the question then becomes where does this self-belief come from, how do we keep it going and maintain it, what in the past has derailed it, and how can we course-correct and get back on track with trusting and believing in ourselves? We specialize in this area at Psych Company, and our experts have helped many people significantly improve their self-confidence through engaging and practical exercises and guidance – allowing them to act on, seize, and succeed in opportunities that come their way. This success breeds more confidence and greater experiences in one’s life.

Empowering You to Become Your Most Self-Assured Self

Our Caring Therapists Specialize in These Common Types of Issues That Stem from Low Confidence, Over Self Consciousness and Insecurities

Our experienced and professional therapists are here to help you find relief from debilitating insecurities of all kinds. Some of the most common types of confidence and insecurity issues that many people feel self-conscious about, and that our caring therapists can help you manage and overcome using practical and hands-on approaches, include:

  • Socializing & Making Friends; Dating, Romance & Relationships
  • Interacting At Meetings & Workplace; Public Speaking; Negotiating, Aging
  • Being Assertive & Setting Boundaries; Physical Appearance, How Smart You Are OR Are Not
  • Driving, Sports, Going to the Gym, Parenting Abilities
  • Imposter Syndrome and Fear of Failure and Rejection
  • Embarrassing Personal Habits, and More…

Our goal is to empower you with the tools and techniques you need to gain the self assurance and confidence you need to take charge of your life and to fulfill your personal and professional goals.

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