Session Fees & Booking Procedures

Session Fees

One-on-One Therapycouple attends addictions counselling session

Starts at $205 per session (plus HST and/or  additional administration fees)

Reduced Priced Therapy: $180 per session with a registered social service worker

Couples Counselling

Starts at $250 per 60-minute session (plus HST and/or additional administration fees)

Limited Time “WINTER 2023” Promotion

Many years of research shows that people get better and improve their situations
when they really commit to therapy by coming in regularly for sessions over time.
We want to promote your well being and to show this we are offering the following incentives:
Covered by Psychotherapy or no insurance
  • 175.00(plus tax per session) on a per session basis – Expires in 90 Days registering for this promotion
  • For NEW clients (as of MARCH 9th 2023) and for individual sessions only
  • Conditions apply
  • Not applicable to all therapists on our team
  • See website for promo code:

Assessment Costs:

Assessments range in cost from $500 – $3000 plus depending on the type and extent of the test:

  • ADHD Screening Assessment: $2000 plus HST
  • Autism Spectrum Screening Assessment: $2500 plus HST
  • Psychodiagnostic: $1650 plus HST
  • Vocational/Career Assessment: $1000 plus HST
  • Psychoeducational Assessment (depending on complexity of concerns): $3500 plus HST
  • Social-Emotional Assessment: $2500 – $3000 plus HST
  • Developmental Assessment: $2000-$2500 plus HST
  • Gifted Test: $1000 plus HST
  • Bundle 1: Autism and Psych-Ed: $5000 plus HST
  • Bundle 2: Developmental and Social-Emotional: $4000 plus HST

This cost is covered under most extended health benefits. Your initial consultation will determine what tests will best suite your needs and determine the cost. If your insurance is limited and you are unable to pay out of pocket what we would recommend is starting with counselling. But check with your insurance because you might be entitled to grants, et cetera if you get a diagnosis.

Insurance Information

We do not require a physician’s referral for you to be able to see us, but you may need to give one to your health benefits insurance company if you plan to be reimbursed for services (ask your plan administrator).

If you plan to use your extended health benefits, the process is that you pay for your session and apply with your plan for reimbursement. We are unable to offer direct billing for extended health plans. Please check your plan eligibility before attending your appointment, as we are not able to refund or reduce fees that are not reimbursed to you by your plan.

Sessions are covered under a registered psychologist, registered psychotherapist (both qualified and qualifying), registered social service worker and psychotherapy (depending on the therapist you booked with) under most extended healthcare benefit packages.  Please check with your provider to ensure that you are covered under your plan. Let us know prior to booking what you are covered under so we connect you with a therapist and/or coach that provides those services.

We are in the process of phasing out using a registered psychologist on our registered psychotherapist’s invoices since almost all insurance companies are now covering services under a registered psychotherapist. Would you mind checking your coverage to see if you are covered under a registered psychotherapist? But if you are only covered under a registered psychologist we have registered psychologists we can book you in with.

FYI: We’ve noticed that when clients have asked their insurance company directly for clarification, they are often covered under a registered psychotherapist under a category such as counseling of mental health but it’s not always explicitly stated online or on written policies.

We offer talk-based treatments at our clinic and we are not prescribers or dispensers of medications.

Our fees are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Booking Procedures

Regular Clients (have had a previous appointment within the last two months)

We keep our online booking page up to date with respect to clinician availability and those who are regular clients and who have been seen at the clinic within the last two months may book with our online appointment system.

New Clients (including clients who have not had an appointment within the last two months)

Clients who have not been seen at the clinic within two months must get in touch with us to determine eligibility to resume appointments, unless plans for your lapse in attendance have already been approved. Please get in touch with us via email to

New clients can complete this form online to book a first session.

Referral Program

We love referrals! If you refer someone to our clinic who ends up booking with us you will have 30% taken off the cost of your next appointment with us.

We’ll help you live your life free from barriers