Online Psychotherapy & Counselling During COVID-19

All normalcy has disappeared overnight causing stress, fear, confusion, uncertainty and angst.

Unfortunately, there will be no ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future.  We all want a sense of control and to know what will happen and how it will happen so we can plan, be prepared and sleep at night.

We want answers to questions in order to comfort ourselves and those we love. The thing is there is no map right now and this is uncharted territory for everyone.

So, how do we cope with all this?

We no longer have access to our usual ways of dealing with stress and for many, typical coping skills have been challenged.

We no longer have our habits or structure. Our problems are now new problems that never existed before or our existing problems just got worse. Debt is way worse for most. Many of your pre-COVID-19 goals and plans are put on hold indefinitely. There are many mental health concerns associated with this situation.

Grieving your goals & plans

There is a grieving process to this and an uncertainty about ourselves and our lives. We now have so much time to think  and feel and it is bringing up thoughts and feelings that we might have buried over many years. It’s hard to stuff it back in right now.