The Psych Company Story

Meet the Founders

Krista and Mark founded Psych Company as a passion project several years ago. Mark was the unofficial managing partner from the onset before transitioning out of the corporate world to bring his energy, leadership experience and dedicated focus, full-time to the team. He always had the long-term goal of working in healthcare to make a direct and positive difference in the lives of others while also helping to run and grow a small business.

Better Together

As the company began to grow Krista became increasingly unhappy trying to do all the “businessy” stuff and realized she was happiest instead helping clients through sessions, working with and training the other therapists, keeping up with best practices, and continuing to always learn about and improve her life coaching and psychotherapy skills. Bringing 17+ years of business, leadership and technology experience Mark handles not only the day-to-day company operations and management, but also focuses on building corporate partnerships and on growth of the practice.


Channeling Our Unique Passions & Strengths 

Mark and Krista were lucky enough to be able to join forces where they now both get to use their unique strengths and passions towards building a business that truly helps to change and make a positive difference in the lives of clients, their families and friends, as well as, the therapists and coaches who make up the Psych Company Family. The founders continually strive to build a culture where employees are not just staff but are actually partners who contribute to building the vision for the company. As with many industries, and especially in the fields of health and mental health, there are no short cuts…

So, we hire people with:

    • Positive and winning attitudes
    • An impeccable work ethic
    • People who are easy for clients to connect with
    • Have extensive training and certification
    • Hands on real-life experience
    • Therapist-coaches who will put in the hard work and have the challenging conversations to do right by you and not only just “listen-in” and tell you what you want to hear, or otherwise regurgitate text book theory

Krista and Mark Strive to Hire Life Coaches and Therapists with Similar Values, Compassion, Goals and Outlooks:

    • Action-oriented, solution-focused and practical
    • Having a diverse toolkit of modalities (different types of therapy) in which to use to help clients
    • Adaptability to different personalities and needs – there is no cookie-cutter solution and everyone deserves a highly personalized plan and experience when they work with us.
    • Connect-ability, caring and warmth
    • Always doing the right thing for our clients
    • Challenging clients when it is in the client’s best interests
    • Always being up-to-date on the best practices and modalities to help clients