Dr Johan Reis EdD, C.PsychClinical & Counselling Psychologist Performing Psychological Assessments & Psychodiagnostics

    Dr. Reis is a clinical psychologist, registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, the Board of Psychologists in Newfoundland and Labrador, and registered in Nova Scotia. He obtained his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Toronto. He has trained and worked as a clinical psychologist in rehabilitation clinics and adult mental health departments in hospitals, post-secondary settings, and in private practice. He has experience working with clients from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and with a range of “complex” presentations including chronic pain, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, psychoses, and personality disorders. Dr. Reis provides interventions and various treatment modalities including but not limited to, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), behaviour activation, schema therapy, Gestalt therapy, and solution-based therapy.

    Dr Reis leads a team of highly trained psychologists, psychological associates and psychometrists in providing a wide range of psychological assessment services at Psych Company, which are often a first line of defense in treating mental illness. Such assessments help psychologists determine the nature and severity of a person’s mental illness while giving insights into treatment options. Also, psychological testing can detect developmental delays in children, give insights into an individual’s personality, and assess intelligence and aptitude. The types of assessments provided at Psych Company include:

    • Psycho-diagnostic: The process for identifying and diagnosing mental illness
    • Psycho-educational: Used to help clients reach their full potential by identifying issues & hurdles. Evaluates academic & cognitive performance and learning style. ADHD, intellectual deficits, LD’s
    • Psycho-behavioral: Used to assess behaviors and social skills that often hinder performance in various aspects of daily life. Identifies such behaviors as impulsivity, hyperactivity, inattention and difficulty with social and communications skills(ADHD, ASD)
    • Psycho-vocational: Provides in depth profile of a clients work aptitudes and interests, transferrable skills, and personality and psychological function as it relates to work
    • Disability & Legal: Examines and determines the psychological effects of chronic and debilitating illness, traumatic workplace injury and/or motor vehicle accident. Provides a psychological evaluation of individuals involved in a legal proceeding(ie. immigration/refugee cases, physical/sexual assault, petti crimes etc…)
    • Socio-emotional: Used to evaluate people with symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and issues related to EQ; which all impact academic and daily life


    Dr. Reis is highly credentialed and, to add to his already broad experience, he has worked as a case manager and as a therapist at the University of Waterloo Student Psychological Services as well as supervising psychologists at Health Services and Disability Services at the University of Waterloo while also coordinating workshops for health professionals. At the University of Waterloo, he was a provider for employee assistance program (EAP) and was the Chair of the university’s EAP program for 16 years.

    Since 1988, he has been involved in the assessment of disability and treatment of the psychological sequelae of motor vehicle and industrial accident and is on the roster of WSIB claims as well as provides assessments and treatments to First Responders influencing members of the RCMP and national defense. Dr. Reis has been instrumental in developing and coordinating a number of community based mental health programs and is currently a director on a number of not for profits that provide mental health support at the community level. Dr. Reis is actively engaged in determining innovative and creative ways to provide high quality care in the mental health field.


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