Krista Roesler M.A. RP​Registered Psychotherapist and Life Coach

    Krista is a member of the Ontario Psychological Association and the International Coaching Federation. She is a registered psychotherapist and a professionally trained life coach by the Adler Institute Toronto/OISE (U of T).  She holds a master’s degree in psychology and a University of Toronto Life Science’s degree focused primarily on psychology.  Krista has more than 6 years experience in the field.

    Psychotherapy and Life Coaching was a natural shoe-in for me after studying psychology and working in the mental health profession. The combination of both disciplines is something that I saw was much needed; and with my hands-on and action oriented approach to coaching and therapy, my 
    mission is to help you create sustainable growth and learning overall. Although I am here to motivate and inspire you, as a sort of catalyst, you are the creator of your life and through our journey together I will help you find the tools and confidence to discover and be able to get what you want in your life.

    I love working with students and professionals and seeing individuals reach their full personal and professional potential.  Although, counselling may have it’s ups and downs, just as life does, I think that counselling should be an overall enjoyable experience, and something to even look forward to!

    A bit about me. Health and fitness are very important to me: sound body, sound mind. I participate in hot yoga, kickboxing and beach volleyball.  I also have a real penchant for adventures and exploring new things.  I believe in practising myself, what I tell my clients, and therefore personal development and growth have always been a major passion of mine.

    Please Note: This is not a full or comprehensive list of the services that Krista provides. If something is not listed here that you are interested in please ask us. We are always happy to help. : )