Samantha B Sc.Registered Psychotherapist & Life Coach

    It is truly exciting to witness and help guide people through transformative times according to what matters for that individual. I have enjoyed over 23 years of direct clinical experience in interdisciplinary settings assisting clients with restoring function and returning to a life within their value systems. My specialties include but are not limited to: Assertiveness training, confidence, anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, couples, career coaching, ADHD, self worth, workplace issues and interpersonal communications.

    Registered with CRPO since 2016, I have a passion for communication, empowerment and awareness in my practice. I have extensive experience within the CBT, ACT, DBT and functional based problem solving paradigms. I also have formal training in Kinesiology and Yoga. The blend of both movement and stillness as healing tools is something else that I am passionate about teaching to my clients. After all, we cannot neatly separate the body from the brain and everything else that makes us us.

    Because of this, I believe that an individualized, integrative approach to mental health yields the best results. Since there is no growth in our comfort zones, the change inherent in healing can be extremely uncomfortable and even prohibitive. The assistance provided through psychotherapy and life coaching can add much comfort and efficacy to this journey.

    Alana MP RP CCC CCC-S