Reshika M.A., RPRegistered Psychotherapist

    Reshika Balakrishnan obtained her master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University and is registered with the CRPO (*Qualifying status see below). She started her career as a radiation therapist in 2002 where she was afforded the opportunity to work with cancer patients and their families. She found out how easily she connected with patient’s and family members and provided counselling as they went through difficult times. She changed her career path to academia in 2007. Reshika, being a lifelong learner, wanted to pursue her passion for counselling. She started her journey in 2011 as part of her own commitment to self-care, by doing something for herself.

    “I believe in empowering individuals and promoting self-actualization. I also believe that one size does not fit all and at times a combination of different modalities is needed to promote self-actualization. An important aspect of counselling for me is to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for my clients. I take a culture sensitive approach and am culturally competent. Being a teenage immigrant myself, I bring to the table a rich experience and education in the acculturation process that happens when one migrates from a different place.  My work experience of working for a professional program has afforded me experience of assisting post-secondary students cope and excel in a demanding environment. I am well versed in addressing stress, anxiety and depression among a diverse population of different demographics. I am an empathetic person by nature. I am competent at counselling individuals who have experienced miscarriage(s), child loss, losing a parent at a young age and bereavement. My final project for my master’s degree involved creating a workbook for children who have lost a parent.

    I am truly looking forward to meeting and working with you to process your emotions in a meaningful manner and live a liberated and empowered life. Thank you for taking time to read through my profile.”

    Languages: English, Tamil