Types of Online Therapy Treatments and Modalities

Online therapy can help you by using a variety of treatment modalities, while providing the same level of caring and sense of connection as a face-to-face session. We also share worksheets, exercises and action steps with you to keep momentum and engagement thriving.

  • Online Life Coaching

    • Our online life coaches will help you find happiness and satisfaction, set goals, and teach you how to follow-through on those goals. Our online life coaching will teach you how to take accountability for yourself and be the best version of you that you can be.
  • Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / Online CBT

    • Our online psychotherapists are trained to help you using the principals of online cognitive behavioral therapy. We bring this type of therapy into our online therapy sessions because it has proven effective in aiding with an assortment of psychological problems, including depression and anxiety. Our virtual psychotherapy will educate you about the strategies and techniques of this method and equip you with CBT tools to help you handle future situations differently. We can help you change your life by changing the way you think.
  • Online Management Mentorship & Workplace Advisory

    • Are you having trouble understanding how to get ahead at work? Do you have trouble fitting in with your colleagues or are you wrestling with how to get along with and work with your boss? Are work politics confusing to navigate? Or maybe it’s hard managing employees? Our expert online management mentors can help you with all this and more. Book a session to really learn more.
  • Online Emotionally Focused Therapy

    • If you struggle when relating to others and/or your emotions, this therapy approach will be helpful for you. Whether it’s at work (with colleagues, bosses, employees) or at home with family (romantic partners, children, parents or with friends),we can help you using online EFT approaches. All therapy focuses on emotions. However, what sets this type of therapy apart is its emphasis on our relationships with others.
    • Our virtual online therapists recognize the impact of emotions and, being as highly equipped, trained and knowledgeable as they are, they will act to assist you in making sense of your emotions when the timing is most beneficial to the client. This online therapeutic approach facilitates emotional awareness, education, ways to cope or regulate your emotions and transforms emotions to be adaptive and useful in your life. Our online therapy sessions use your emotions to better your life and relationships. This is also one of our go-to’s for online couple’s counselling. Our online clients who struggle with relationship problems have seen great success with EFT. Our online therapists use this approach to teach healthy relationship skills, such as de-escalation of conflicts, positive interaction, how to communicate in a healthy manner or how to have constructive arguments and recognize and shift harmful relationship patterns. Our online psychotherapists have been lucky enough to help transform the lives and relationships of thousands of clients just like you.
  • DBT

    • Online dialectical behavior therapy is similar to online cognitive behavioral therapy, but it also focuses on helping individuals with more intense and atypical emotional responses to certain emotional situations especially in relationships with family, friends and romantic partners. If it takes a long time for you to calm down, or if you experience extreme emotional swings, lack coping skills, and/or find that you jump from one crisis to another, you might be missing some necessary and helpful skills. Our virtual therapists often use an online dialectical approach to teach you these skills. This type of online therapy has been found to be helpful in treating borderline personality, eating disorders, PTSD, childhood trauma and abuse, substance abuse & unhealthy dependencies, suicide risk, ADHD, Bipolar, et cetera. Online DBT is also very effective with adolescents, college students and adults who struggle with emotional dysregulation.
  • Narrative Therapy

    • Psych Company’s virtual therapists will help you re-narrate your harmful stories and rewrite them in empowering ways to help you be better equipped to grow, develop and move forward towards success. The therapists at Psych Company use the tools of Online Narrative Therapy to help clients externalize their behaviors and problems and isolate them from being an unalterable part of who they are. This separation improves the client’s self-confidence, their sense of control and self-esteem and creates a more positive functioning self-identity. Our online therapists use the techniques and strategies of online narrative therapy to help you see yourself as the best version of you!
  • Positive Psychology

    • Online positive psychotherapy is about solutions and making life more fulfilling and meaning-focused. A goal of positive psychology is to enhance happiness and increase positive thoughts and feelings. This type of therapy departs from the usual focus of other online psychotherapy modalities which center on a person’s weaknesses, problems and what doesn’t work. Online positive psychology aims to raise the client’s functioning to a higher level rather than simply getting them to normal functioning as is common with most other treatment types. It’s about improving well-being and sustaining these benefits long-term. For example, positive psychology helps clients cultivate their inner strengths in order to help them build resilience, self-esteem and confidence. Life coaching is a form of positive psychology.
  • Psychodynamic

    • Online psychodynamic therapy goes deeper than just working on reducing or eliminating symptoms. It’s a more holistic treatment that focuses on really understanding the root cause of the problem. Where did it come from and why is it showing up now? A therapist using this methodology might raise this question. Looking at past patterns (often from childhood) can help us see how much they have influenced us as adults and the role they play in present dysfunctions. Knowing what makes us who we are can enable us to form a more positive sense of self. This takes time but it is time well-spent since nurturing this insight really helps to heal the heart of the problem. Our online therapists use online psychodynamic strategies along with other therapeutic techniques to help you with the issues you are struggling with.
  • Solution-Focused Therapy

    • We pride ourselves in providing therapy that brings about solutions to your problems. We won’t merely talk and listen in our therapy sessions. We will also work on helping you create options for improving your life Sometimes clients are stuck and unsure about what they can do to improve problem areas. We are here to help with that.

  • Interpersonal Therapy

    • Life is hard when you struggle to relate to others. This problem can create additional stress and drama at home, in romantic relationships, at work, school, et cetera. Interpersonal therapy can help you learn the soft skills because they are one of the most important tools to success in today’s world. We are online therapy experts in helping you diagnose where you might need to make some changes. Our virtual psychotherapists will provide the support and guidance you need to be able to make them successfully.
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