Our Story & What is Psychotherapy?

Our Story

Several years ago we formed Psych Company on the premise of bringing values that we held dear to life! That is to help people live happy and meaningful lives by identifying areas that hold them back or bring out negative habits such as aggression, procrastination, passivity or denial. Have you ever felt stuck in life and at work, lonely or alone around others, fearful of change, irrationally angry or depressed? At Psych Company we aren’t only highly trained specialists, but first and foremost, we are empathetic people with a range of personal experiences, educations and backgrounds to draw from when you invest in yourself and in the ones you love by coming in to see us.

What is Psychotherapy? Psychotherapy uses a range of treatments to help with a wide variety of emotional challenges, psychological issues and mental health problems.

a group engage in a psychotherapy session in our toronto office

Therapy usually lasts a year or two.  Clients who are eager and committed to change and willing to put effort into therapy report the most positive results. The aim of psychotherapy is to increase general well-being and improve relationships. Psychotherapy revolves around a safe, supportive and trusting relationship that allows clients to talk openly and honestly about personal difficulties. A neutral, objective and nonjudgmental therapist enables a client to talk about their concerns and feelings. This dialogue is used to overcome thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns that are problematic which prevent you from being your best self. The goal of therapy is to assist in solving problems by teaching us new coping skills when facing challenges in the present and future.

So, in a nutshell why psychotherapy – and why book with us?

– We are action-oriented, solution-focused, and not just about passive listening. Our philosophy centers on interaction and tangible results.
– With us, you will be involved in active discussion and engaged activity catering to your specific needs. No one-size-fits-all approaches here!
– Our therapists and counsellors are carefully selected and screened not just for their educational backgrounds and work experience, but for their distinctive successes, track records and warm client-focused personalities … as you will see when you come in for a visit, Psych Company therapists and counsellors are personable and easy to connect with. These attributes are essential to us when we seek out counselors, therapists and coaches to join our team.
– Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, psychologists often use psychotherapy when they want to get at the root causes for certain behaviors in order to help change them, and even psychiatrists are known to make use of psychotherapy in their treatments. Both groups are known to leverage the benefits of psychotherapy services not only for their clients and patients but also for themselves as required!

What is a Psychotherapist?

A Registered Psychotherapist is registered within their province in Canada to practice psychotherapy. The registration process differs between provinces. Different countries also have different rules, regulations and procedures around registration.  A psychotherapist works with individuals, couples, and families. There are many issues that a psychotherapist helps with. A psychotherapist helps clients work through mental health problems to live more productive, healthier and happier lives.

When Should You Come in For Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy may be helpful for individuals who are:

  • Facing stressful situations causing deep anxiety.
  • Experiencing intense or uncomfortable feelings such as anger, sadness, fear, frustration and depression.
  • Behaving in ways that don’t fit your normal pattern, don’t serve your needs, or are problematic to you or others.
  • Thinking thoughts that are peculiar, hard to understand, out-of-control or disturbing.
  • Experiencing the aftermath of a traumatic event, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, a serious accident or a criminal injury.
  • Dealing with a relationship issue or family conflict.
  • Going through a difficult life transition, such as the death of a loved one, a life-threatening illness, divorce, separation, or a mid-life crisis.
  • Challenged by family issues, such as parenting, child-rearing, adolescence, and aging parents.
  • In need of help with an substance abuse & unhealthy dependencies such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling.
  • Struggling with an eating disorder.
  • Facing difficulties with matters of gender identity, sexual orientation, racism and oppression.
  • Seeking to explore spiritual issues, questions of meaning or matters of faith.

Some people seek psychotherapy because they have felt depressed, anxious or angry for a long time. Others may want help for a chronic illness that is interfering with their emotional or physical well-being. Still others may have short-term problems they need help navigating. They may be going through a divorce, facing an empty nest, feeling overwhelmed by a new job or grieving a family member’s death, for example.

You may benefit from psychotherapy if:

  • You feel an overwhelming, prolonged sense of helplessness and sadness.
  • Your problems don’t seem to get better despite your efforts and help from family and friends.
  • You find it difficult to concentrate on work assignments or to carry out other everyday activities.
  • You worry excessively, expect the worst or are constantly on edge.
  • Your actions, such as drinking too much alcohol, using drugs or being aggressive, are harming you or others.

We’ll help you live your life free from barriers