Anger Management Workshop

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4-Week Course Starts: November 2nd  6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (Wednesdays)

Location: Toronto near Union Station

You can obtain a certificate at the end of the class. Relationships, work, courts, etc.

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Anger is a natural emotion. Sometimes, we lose control and in seconds destroy things that took a lifetime to build. Perhaps something happened at work or at home and now as part of disciplinary action, you have been asked to take and complete an Anger Management Class. Perhaps you are simply doing it because, you are often angry and you are sick and tired of being angry and letting anger determine what kind of a day you are going to have.

Our practical anger management courses are great for people who are looking for the tools and ways to manage their anger. We take pride in helping people feel progress in gaining control of their anger and taking their destinies back into their own hands again. Do you often wonder what really triggers your anger, and why does your anger escalate so quickly? Why you do what you do when you get angry, why you have hateful thoughts? We are happy to answer your questions as well as teach you how to manage your anger in healthy and productive ways.